My Writing

My middle school writing website/blog:

Write Cook

My personal writing blog:

The Write Town

My Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Elsa Pla at TPT

My self-published books (found on Amazon):

The Salty Sea

The Salty Sea is a collection of 35 poems (mostly free verse, some Haiku) about the ocean. The poems explore themes of longing, home, family, love, identity, survival, darkness and light, and the environment.

Ghost Girl

“Ghost Girl: The Story of Jamie Jones” is a short story and a quick read (about 7,000 words).

One tragedy after another befalls eleven-year-old Jamie. To make things worse, the class bully and her gang are picking on her. What Jamie needs and wants most of all in the world is a friend, but will she ever find one? And who will put a stop to the terrible bullying that’s going on at her school?

Read this ghost story and find out what happened to Jamie Jones.

Holding Hands

Holding Hands consists of two YA short stories: “Phone Call” and “Allergic Reaction.” It is a short read (about 11,830 words).

“Phone Call”: Josh is an 18-year-old dealing with a tragic loss. He’s receiving unnerving phone calls that appear to be a cruel prank. He’s also falling in love with Rachel, his beautiful and smart science partner. With Rachel’s help, Josh sets out to discover who’s making the prank phone calls. What he doesn’t know is that lives–including his own–are at stake.

“Allergic Reaction”: Vicky has everything a teenage girl could want: great looks, popularity, and a good-looking boyfriend. Everything but the friendship of the quiet boy who used to be her best friend in middle school. Then something unexpected (and a bit humorous) happens, and she begins to see her perfect life in its proper perspective.

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